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haha. opposed to what the song says; theres no ex for me! heh.

anyway. yeah so my mom asked me if i was going to the shore w/ jay this weekend or with patty and them. i was like uhhhhhhh... then she spouted out that apparently her friend sue [who's like a second mom to me] read my journal and saw that i was going to the shore w/ jay and not with patty and them..

first of all; the only entry that says ANYTHING about going to the shore w/ jay was a FRiENDS ONLY entry, which means my mom would have to be on my computer to read it.. b/c sue wouldnt have been able to.

whatthefuck. she then talked to me about how she wants me to be honest with her.. so i confronted her on it and she's denying that she read it herself... it really makes me wonder.

sorry for venting.
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