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6th September 2004

torn_girl8:33pm: it seems like no one is writing in here much anymore. so i'm going to. hah. :D

i got in a big fight with my dad today. i'm not very happy with him so i'm trying my best to avoid him. its funny how whenever i actually wanna talk to him, he won't listen. but when i don't wanna talk to him, he goes out of his way to try to talk to me. eh whatev. he told me i'm grounded but i'm on the computer AND the phone anyways. what now.

school is boring. i don't wanna go to school tomorrow. however i can't wait for volleyball practice. volleyball rocks my socks.

well thats about all.

later <3
Current Mood: sleepy

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24th August 2004

sweetcatstrophe8:34am: and senior year starts
today's one day of classes for my senior year at DeSales U. and i'm totally not looking forward to going back. i dont think its a matter of the actual classes.. it's just that i have no ambition to actually go and do this year. people ask me all the time what i;m going to school for and when i say english they automatically assume teacher. but no. when i say i just want to write it makes me feel like crap because why do i need a degree to tell me i'm creative? i don't know. but day one.. yay?

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9th August 2004

torn_girl12:12am: hey its amy. just joined the community. awesome to finally find one that isn't so strict about what you can write about. phew! so i went to warped tour last week which was awesome. i thought it was gona be the last thing to look forward to before school starts, but then my friend invited me to project revelutions tour, which is tomorrow. well i guess it would technically be today, but whatever. i'm real excited! =D so yeah thats it for now. i hope to make some new friends here. add me if you want and i'll add you back. ;]

Current Mood: restless

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6th June 2004

butterfly73112:22am: crazy over you
sometimes i think im crazy, im crazy oh so crazy. why am i here am i just wasting my time? i act like shit dont faze me, inside it drives me crazy. my insecuraties could eat me alive!

why do i feel like i'm falling and he's not? ugh, why can't i stop thinking...
Current Mood: crushed

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sweetcatstrophe12:08am: and i love the way you roll excuses off the tip of your tongue
i wanna cry right now. so fucking badly. and i'm not even sad.. i think i'm more pissed off than anything. but i have a damn right good reason to be. but i dont wanna be mad at him.

okay. so jay and i were supposed to go to the shore. did we? NO. why? because he does this thing where he says he'll call me back but he just doesnt. i mean the kid has waited almost a year for me.. shouldnt he WANT to call me back???

i'm so fucking irate right now its unhealthy.
Current Mood: irate

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5th June 2004

such_a_sucker_2:07pm: <3
Such a sucker for a sweet talker.... haha, that is so true!

6-3-04 ;)
Current Mood: flirty

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sweetcatstrophe11:53am: me? vain?
is it wrong to say you love your legs? some apparently say it is

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no one has to know about this

2nd June 2004

sweetcatstrophe3:44pm: ugh!&%#(%!#&%%&*(
haha. opposed to what the song says; theres no ex for me! heh.

anyway. yeah so my mom asked me if i was going to the shore w/ jay this weekend or with patty and them. i was like uhhhhhhh... then she spouted out that apparently her friend sue [who's like a second mom to me] read my journal and saw that i was going to the shore w/ jay and not with patty and them..

first of all; the only entry that says ANYTHING about going to the shore w/ jay was a FRiENDS ONLY entry, which means my mom would have to be on my computer to read it.. b/c sue wouldnt have been able to.

whatthefuck. she then talked to me about how she wants me to be honest with her.. so i confronted her on it and she's denying that she read it herself... it really makes me wonder.

sorry for venting.

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30th May 2004

sweetcatstrophe9:09pm: yeah.. so after some long consideration (like 20 seconds) i've discovered that this relationship (w/ Jay) is soooo different from any before. wow.

& she's like the wind just came on

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21st May 2004

butterfly73110:20am: TaKiNG BaCK SuNDaY
I have off of work on Tuesday, thank god! I can not wait to see taking back sunday! But even if I did get scheduled for Tuesday I would call out, there is no way that I'm gonna miss this! :)

your lipstick, his collar

Current Mood: excited

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18th May 2004

butterfly73110:59pm: b a m <3
Bam Margera is hott and I want his body, mmmm ;) Viva la Bam!
Current Mood: horny

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sweetcatstrophe10:08pm: as promised -- customized.

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sweetcatstrophe9:43pm: you know the song why cant i by liz phair?

so fucking perfect right now.

* note: i'll be finally getting around to fixing this up in a bit. i promise.

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5th May 2004

such_a_sucker_10:51am: 2003 Darwin Award Nominee
"Love Struck"
2003 Darwin Award Nominee

"Why don't we do it in the road?" -Beatles

(3 March 2002, Sheffield, England) As Kim Fontana, 32, and Paul Cowley, 40, left the pub, they noticed that a streetlight was burned out, creating an attractive pool of darkness on the road. Unable to rein in their passion, they began to canoodle on the asphalt outside the pub.

Witnesses said the couple was lying right on the white line, kissing and cuddling. The passionate pair were warned of the danger of their chosen position not once, not twice, but three times -- by a car driver, a bus driver, and a pedestrian.

An off-duty paramedic honked three times and shouted, "You want to get up, or otherwise you’ll be run over." The man simply said "Cheers, mate," and the paramedic heard a female voice laughing. A bus driver swerved to avoid them, and drove past with wheels on the curb. A concerned pedestrian shouted to warn them that another bus was headed their way.

Despite these disruptions, Kim and Paul continued, oblivious to the approach of a small, single-decker Nipper bus. The bus driver mistook the undulating shape for a bag of rubbish in the poorly lit street, and was unable to stop in time. There was a dull thud...

Kim and Paul were struck and killed at midnight. Paramedics found Kim lying on her back with her jumper pulled up, and Paul between her legs with his trousers pulled down.

The only downside to this timely removal of lunacy from the gene pool is the fate of the bus driver. Despite the couple's own actions, and a police investigator's statement that "one can expect a pedestrian walking or running in the road, but to expect a driver to anticipate a pedestrian lying in the road is out of the ordinary" -- a judge felt that "his driving fell below the standard one would reasonably expect of a prudent, competent driver."

The bus driver was fined for careless driving and his license was revoked for six months. Fortunately, his employers consider him an excellent employee, and plan to give him other duties for six months. Relatives of the victims said they were glad the driver had kept his job.
Current Mood: apathetic

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3rd May 2004

butterfly7313:21pm: i <3 tbs
Ghostman On ThirdCollapse )

And I wanna say Happy 21st Birthday to Toby crystlakeswmtm <3
Current Mood: bored

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1st May 2004

sweetcatstrophe10:59am: new and under construction.

this community is completely random.
you wanna talk about relationships? go head.
music? ok. movies? sure.

anything you want. even if you need to vent to get it off your chest.

but be advised; quizzes will not be accepted. please leave those in your personal journal.


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